Regular Donuts Flavors

Sugar dusted

Powdered sugar dusted

Regular glaze

Chocolate glaze


Specialty Donut Flavors

Orange – orange infused glaze garnished with orange zest

Funfetti – regular glaze garnished with a variety of sprinkles

Rose water – rose water infused glaze garnished with dried rose petals

Lilikoi – lilikoi infused glaze

Macadamia nut – macadamia nut glaze garnished with chopped macadamia nuts

Chocolate mint – chocolate glaze garnished with chopped Andes mints

S’mores – chocolate glaze garnished with chopped graham cracker and mini marshmallows

Lemon – infused lemon glaze garnished with lemon zest

Salted caramel – caramel glaze sprinkled with red Hawaiian salt

Matcha – Matcha green tea glaze

Candied ginger – ginger glaze garnished with candied ginger slice

Mocha – espresso infused chocolate glaze garnished with a chocolate coffee bean

Strawberry – strawberry glaze garnished with a strawberry slice

Cookies n cream – regular glaze topped with crushed Oreos

Coconut – topped with toasted coconut

Almond – almond infused glaze topped with almond slices

Black Forrest – chocolate glaze and black cherry drizzle

Key lime pie – key lime infused glaze topped with a meringue dollop

Lemon meringue – lemon infused glaze topped with a meringue dollop